Safari: Great Tips and Advice

Not long ago the news broke out about giraffes chasing a safari jeep full of tourists in South Africa and it tends to make one stop and think that giraffes are commonly thought of as a tame wild animal so how did this happen?

Truthfully, all safari trips are dangerous save the ones that keep you at a far distance. Even so giraffe is capable of killing animals and people using their hooves and speed. If you are planning a South African safari and it will be your first, here are some nonsensical bits of advice that will make your safari the most wonderful adventure of all time.

Probably the most dangerous of all South African safaris is the camping safari because you are mostly without the protection of four walls at night. With the camping safari the danger is ever present from insects to large animals, and even from traveling companions or looters who may be around the area. If you plan on trying a camping safari, just make sure you book your safari with a group that has an outstanding reputation and history for safety and security.

Tips and Useful Advice

  • Bring clothes appropriate for the time of year such as light-colored clothing during summer months and thicker clothes for the colder months like June. You should also have clothes that dry quickly and are dust-resistant. Jeans can be inconvenient during colder months since it might not dry well. Bright clothes are attractive to animals
  • Take several packs of baby wipes, hand sanitizers, and rolls of toilet paper without the inner board tube
  • The time of the year also will set the tone of your trip. For example, summer which starts in December and ends in February will show South Africa at its most abundant stage where plants and foliage are in bloom. However, this can make it difficult to find the animals. Going during the winter months of June to September is cold but spotting the animals is easier. Unfortunately, the animals may also be more aggressive looking for food as what happened with the giraffe incident mentioned earlier.

South Africa’s National Parks

For your first South African safari, any one of the country’s national parks is perfect introduction to the country’s famed wildlife. The country has more than 600 to choose from. You can even pick the type of safari based on the kind of adventure you envision your dream safari to be like. There are remote locations, self-drive, touristy reserves, or the ultimate campsite safaris.

Most first-timers opt to visit Kruger National Park or the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park. Kruger National Park is as large as a country – Wales, to be specific. Thus it is possible to find upscale hotels, remote corners, budget lodges, bungalows, and campsites. If you decide to go to Kruger National Park, you will need to wake up at dawn to get to the site because of the distance that will need to be covered seeing that it is a very large park.

Private Reserves

An exclusive private reserve is really an amazing way to see the country’s natural beauty but it is expensive and as a few would say, “Are too comfortable to be considered a safari.” Yes, there are private reserves that serve champagne and caviar at the end of a day trip and that works for some. However there are other private reserves that also allow a little rough and tumble accommodations with modern amenities so you have a bit of both.

The advantages of the private reserve are that you can get up close to wildlife and you do it in relatively privacy, without the crowds.