From Cape Town to Kenya, explore South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and we can add-on an beach holiday to the islands of Mauritius and Seychelles. Come enjoy a 2012 Safari with us. Come to Africa for a fantastic safari holiday.


Guided safaris with qualified personal guides, self-drive safaris in a rental car, small group scheduled safaris, upmarket flying safaris and customised safaris are on offer to you. During 2012 we have some great discounts to offer. Contact Dean of African Bundu Safaris to discuss a Guided, flying or selfdrive vacation.

Flying Services

With various aeroplanes based in all the major cities plus the remote regions of Southern Africa, a flying safari is the quickest and most scenic method to enjoy your safari to Africa. Some lodges have a seat-in-plane or shuttle-plane services, whilst others require a private charter. Flying between lodges is sooo much quicker and very scenic, giving you a many more hours of wildlife safari time at the lodge.


Southern Africa has such a wide selection of accommodation from budget bed & breakfast guesthouses, luxury wildlife lodges, 5 star hotels, family holiday resorts, plus we have luxury trains and exciting wilderness hiking trails. The smaller the safari lodge and less beds there are for guests, then the more exclusive is this safari lodge. Many of our regular lodges are offering long stay discounts for 2012 (4 nights or more).

Best safari destinations in Africa

Visiting the beautiful continent of Africa, the home of many wild animals and beautiful safari destinations is a dream of many of us. But since there are so many of them, you certainly cannot see everything. To help you with picking the right ones, here are a few of the most beautiful and worthy places and parks, so have fun and enjoy the stunning Africa.

Many people imagine dry and Mars - like lands when they think of Africa, they picture a desert or one tree in a huge flat area. You can find such places, but quite a few of them are also incredible, green areas with lots of trees and water. One of such is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve in Uganda and this is the Africa you know from Tarzan, with Gorillas and Amazon - like nature. A safari trip to this reserve is going to bring you a sense of serenity and make you realize how incredible our planet is.


A little more south, almost at the bottom of the continent lies a land of true safaris, the ones you know them from National Geographic channels and magazines. They have a number of resorts there and national parks, like the Ethosha National Park, where you can rent a car and explore the nature, or take a ride with a group of tourists. Both ways are good, but if you are the first time to Africa, even if you are there with a Dubai escort, it would be better to go with a group and not alone. One more thing about going to Africa in general is that you are going feel the need to be with someone. It is not one of those places where you want to be alone, the land is quite lone itself and it shall not make you feel good when you don't have a person to talk to. Our tip is to first go to Dubai, see the beauty of the United Arab Emirates, take a Dubai escort and then go on your safari adventure. That beautiful lady on your side will make you good, and she won't let you feel left out and alone on this planet. You will have a few more amazing moments to remember when you look back at that vacation for sure.


Botswana is located just next to Namibia, it has a few more green places everyone would want to see. The fact you can visit a desert - like place just next to one of the most green places on Earth is what makes Africa so incredible and popular. Your Dubai escort is going think the same, she will love it and you will enjoy her, as well as the landscape and wildlife. It is good if the trip is not singular - going somewhere, sightseeing, doing sport and then turning back to hotel. If you do this for three days in a row that your vacation is nothing than a longer weekend you could have had anywhere else. But if you go to Africa, take a beautiful and stunning Dubai escort from with you and plan it so that you have at least one day on your own. Spend it in the hotel, relaxing and enjoying your company and think about spending one more day with shopping. The Dubai escort is going to love it and you will have a chance to get good fashion advices for free. This way you are going have several more memories you shall be happy to look back at whenever thinking of Africa and your safari trip.


The 4-day Kruger Express Bundu budget camping safari is very popular with Mon, Wed & Friday departures from Johannesburg. Bundu Safaris offers numerous budget camping safaris to Kruger, Vic Falls & Botswana. Contact us for your 2012 Bundu Safari. Ask us for the 3, 4 or 5-day Kruger Lodge Experience - DAILY DEPARTURE itinerary. Our 2012 overland & camping safaris are now available. Click on the above heading to download the one itinerary OR go the SAFARIS page on this website and click on the OVERLAND SAFARIS summary spreadsheet. We also have a dedicated SAFARI website with over 150 scheduled safaris listed: Sample SAFARIS - CAPE-2-KENYA

Sample Itinerary 3 - BOTSWANA

We have a great special running from 1 December 2011 to 31 March 2012 - including a variety of lodges in different areas of Botswana – from the Kalahari Desert (which is green and full of thousands of antelope – and the predators), Nxai Pan then to the Okavango Delta, Linyanti/Kwando and up to Chobe and Vic Falls. Click on the above Sample Itinerary 3 heading to download our 2012 rates for this special safari.THIS SPECIAL IS NOW RUNNING FROM 1st DECEMBER 2011 UNTIL 31 MARCH 2012!!